What is an Oxygen Retreat VIP?

An Oxygen Retreat VIP is simply someone who is a member of our VIP Mailing List. It costs nothing to become an Oxygen Retreat VIP. Simply join our mailing list and that's it! You'll receive our monthly newsletters and get first look into all of our new girls and seasonal specials.

It's as easy as filling out the form below:

Why don't you have memberships?

This is an erotic Caribbean vacation, not a gym.

We value you as a client and want to ensure you receive the best possible service available without tying you down. In fact, we have many clients who could be considered erotic vacation hobbyists that frequent various establishments depending on the mood and type of experience they want to indulge in on any particular trip. 

Oxygen Retreat is unique for all the reasons mentioned in the "About O2" section of the site as well as our "inaugural blog". We don't pretend to be anything more or less than what we are and are confident that the unique experience we deliver is one that you'll keep coming back to, even if you choose to indulge in different experiences inbetween.

Regardless of where you've frequented in the past or choose to visit in the future, the Oxygen Retreat team and our gorgeous companions will always await your arrival with open arms, open drinks and much much more.

See you soon!