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You’re doing god’s work.
— -- MITCH
This is where god comes when he wants to go to heaven.
— -- Anonymous
Simply amazing.
— -- Elliot, San Francisco, CA, USA
I would recommend contacting Don at O2 2.0 wholeheartedly. He is responsive, generous to a fault with his time in planning a retreat down to accommodations, girls, food/drinks, excursions etc. and he is genuinely concerned about whether YOU have a great time.
— - Anonymous, Arlington, VA, USA
I’m going to openly weep on my way to the airport.
— Anonymous, Boston, MA, USA
Don has a professional service-oriented approach to planning retreats that I really appreciated. His attention to detail and listening ear made my stay all that I wanted it to be and more. Let’s just say that he goes out of his way to make sure you are pleasantly surprised beyond what you expect and plan with him in advance. Highly recommended!
— - Anonymous, New York, NY, USA
Thank you for the experience in Samana! We loved the waterfall excursion. Though we missed the whale mating this year, we’ll definitely plan to not miss it next year but certainly expect us back before the year is up!
— Anonymous Couple, Boston, MA, USA
Hi Don, Enjoyed my stay very much. Plenty of new faces I’d not seen before, which is nice, and a few friends from the past so prior relationships rekindled. Meals were excellent, especially dinner. Chef did a fine job and variety was enjoyed. Thanks for a great time and am looking forward to a return.
— Anonymous, Dallas, TX, USA

Thank you for your loyalty, patronage and kind words. Realizing your fantasy is our business. Let’s keep working together to make it perfect.

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Don Manuel
General Manager
Oxygen Retreat
'06 - '16: Celebrating a decade of erotic Caribbean vacationing.